Images of the Season

Fancy title.
Probably has you expecting snow dusted evergreens,
cheery caroling pictures and people dressed up in their Sunday best.


Just a hodge podge of pictures taken on Christmas, and one odd funny face picture thrown in for good measure. Briar is a master of making faces that leave us in puddle of gooey emotion or just plain hysterical laughter. She’s broadened her concerned look to include a bit of tongue commentary. Enjoy!

Here she is cruising in her car from Nana with Dad looking on proudly.

This was actually Christmas Eve. Happy, healthy and together.
We had our every wish come true this holiday.
Truly an embarrassment of riches.
Thank you to all of our family and friends who shared with us
through cards, calls, gifts and togetherness.

We feels so blessed.

Briar got her very own baby this Christmas and she is demonstrating very clearly how much love she has to give. We were both astounded by her immediate response to her baby, lavishing her with love and tender affection. Even giving her a fresh diaper!

Ok. Can you look at this and feel anything but delight?
Maybe I am biased, but she is just so expressive and funny!

Toys, book, clothes, music, guests.
All she wanted was to be in her box.
She was kind enough to let Barnaby join her for a bit.

I’ll post more pictures soon and regale you with Christmas stories.

Love to everyone and wishes for a safe and joyous New Year!

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning Part I

We had Nana, Ciocci Jeannie, and Betty
over for supper and playtime on Christmas Eve.
Briar was sure to let everyone have a turn
pushing and pulling her around in her box.

Ciocci Jeannie steering the box.

Nana being the motor for the box.

Daddy lifting Briar out of the box with a flourish.

Mom prefers to roll around without the box.

Christmas Morning.

It started relatively late, probably the last Christmas we’ll have without seeing the sun rise.

She loves the piano. She really loves activating all her different musical
toys at once for an eclectic, electronic symphonic experience.

Briar now has her very own baby. She loves her, as well as her My Little Pony.
Little nostalgia for mom, remembering Abs with her My Little Pony dolls.

Loves the baby.

More Abbie nostalgia with a Care Bear stocking.

But I don’t wanna take a nap, I’m having fun.
I’m not tired!

And she’s out.

More soon.

Merry Christmas!!!

For Moms

So I just went into the bathroom here at work.

Caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and something was not quite right.
It took me a minute before I realized what it was.
I had managed to put two dangly earrings in one ear this morning.
Yes, nothing like the absent minded gypsy look for the holidays.
Here are a few other ‘oops’ things moms out there might appreciate.

Mascara applied on just one side
(and a mascara wand no where in sight for repair)

Baby sock traveling down a pant leg
(and on to the floor only when in clear view of non-parents)

Banana finger prints on sleeves
(FYI banana looks like mucus when dried on fabric)

Peanut butter smears at baby levels
(typically thighs and breasts)

Compulsive singing and or humming if toy music
(again, usually around non-parents)

Crumbs accompanying anything you hand to someone
(you guessed it, to non-parents)

One shaved leg
(and pants that don’t reach the top of your sock)

There is also the joy of being absolutely incapable of:

Maintaining a clean car
(we’re talking crumbs, blobs of the unknown, so much more)

Walking without clicking, clucking, or making other cheerful sounds

Getting out of the house in less than 20 minutes

It is a wild, humbling and exhausting thing to be a mom.

And I wouldn’t trade it for all the glamour and order in the world.

So here’s to smudged glasses, sticky hair and big, wet, baby kisses.


Looks like Christmas is going to extend to the 27th and 29th. Those are the dates that my four remaining Christmas orders have been rescheduled for delivery to by UPS.
Slightly aggravating, but all things considered, I should just be grateful that I had the means to make the orders and the people in my life for whom to order them.

This holiday snuck up on me. I cannot believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I wish I could have a few more of those days leading up to Christmas Eve, when everyone is just a tad kinder, the air crackles with that special holiday magic, everything looks sweeter, more wholesome. I forgot to play carols as often as I should have. I haven’t had cocoa with a candy cane or sent out a single Christmas card.

This year did bring some special treats.

Briar gleefully tangling her legs and feet in the strings of white Christmas lights as Sean tried to uncoil them.

Sean trying to be serious and methodical about the tree decorating, but ultimately melting at Briar’s delight at removing ornaments and “helping” with the lights.

Introducing Briar to snowmen.

Sharing the magic of being a parent at Christmas with Sean.

Being reminded of how truly precious family is.