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Before Bedtime Requests End; I Hope I Hear Them

Posted on December 16, 2014

Somehow I thought that in the years of chronicling the ups and downs of parenting, maybe a lesson or two would stick. Perhaps a bit of writing it down would offer up a moment of grace to keep me from utterly screwing things up because I’m in a bad mood. Mostly that doesn’t work,  the truth ends up being that as I tally board at the end of the night it comes in at a draw, the screw ups and wins in a dead heat. The other night I was looking through my iPhoto library and was sobered by the absence of photos of Briar. What happened? There’s Ave, there’s Fin, there’s another selfie. Do I not see her? Are pictures of her not as easily sharable…

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A New Page Dusted with Compassion

Posted on November 30, 2014

There are people and voices I follow online that are intuitively sensitive, sending out reminders periodically that there may be people hurting, or that as we celebrate a new thing, we ought to give pause to those who may feel no cause for joy. I am deeply grateful for these people, like the gentle lights along the aisle on a plane, offering light—not so much as to illuminate all, but just enough that a person can make their way more confidently and safely. Tomorrow is the first of December. We are moving toward the end of a year, maybe it’s the last month of the last year you’ll ever have had with a beloved, maybe it’s one month away from the first year of…

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Posted on November 28, 2014

We flew home to a winter storybook. Fresh snow clung to the tree limbs, the tops of the houses and buildings were white, and the streets looked like silver ribbons. It could not have been a more emphatic punctuation to a week of beach, bay, and neon lights. The glow of last night’s Cinderella Castle light show and subsequent igniting of holiday lights and music still warm inside of me. The holidays have arrived and with them the most intense awareness of center. Our cozy house, with its sledding hill and tree fort, our family chorus of laughter and singing, and that moment each night when all is right. I pad to their room, or rooms, whatever the particular sleeping configuration preference of the night is, and I…

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Out Past Curfew

Posted on November 27, 2014

Today was our last day to visit a park. We decided last night that we would spend the day visiting Magic Kingdom, but last night went late. We found ourselves having dinner with the girls at around 10pm. Finley has been battling a fierce upper respiratory thing and the Florida rains have been no help. This morning at 6am, looking at my sweet sleeping girls and Sean, I made the executive decision not to rouse everyone for an early start. The big girls slept until 8:30, Finley until 9:30, and only because we woke her. I imagine she’d have slept until 11. We had a leisurely morning and headed out for Disney at noon—of course the rental car keys were left in the first room we’d…

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