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Who Gets to Grieve?

Posted on November 1, 2015

Sometimes death reminds me of language. As soon as I learn a new word it suddenly pops up in conversation, in a book, or on my favorite show; it’s literally everywhere. Death feels like that. A friend takes their own life and suddenly the headlines are all about suicide, plot lines follow a suicide, people I barely know die by suicide. Or is death always there? Have people always been using that word and have dozens of people taken their own lives and I just didn’t notice? We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one whom we love. ~Madame de Stael   A suicide in August, another in September, and then this month a death that rocked me, followed by another that came without…

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We All Go Through Puberty

Posted on October 20, 2015

I am a believer in meant to be things. I don’t mean that I just let life happen to me, but when a person comes into my life when I need them, it’s meant to be. When I work really hard at something and despite my best efforts it doesn’t click, I trust that it wasn’t meant to be at that time. When my friend Galit Breen reached out to me a few weeks ago I felt the tickle of what might be meant to be. Galit invited me to try out Master Classes from VProudTV; a series of videos from experts to help us avoid “Dr. Google”. I winced; I’m not into webinars or online classes. I didn’t say no, one of the…

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Your Worth Never Fades

Posted on October 1, 2015

I was scrolling through Twitter the other night when an update popped up: “It’s been a night, is what I’m saying.” Then I saw another from someone else: “Having a really really really really bad fucking day.” A week ago I saw an Instagram post that carried a similar tone: “…And I’m trying. But I can’t do it all.” I read a post from a dear friend that was titled Casseroles for Depression. Jenny Lawson has Furiously Happy on the New York Times Best Seller list. The reality is that for all the people complaining that Facebook is a waste land of carefully constructed, emotionally inaccurate representations of people and their lives, there are many ripples in social media and day to day life that…

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Time Melts

Posted on September 16, 2015

        Since that perfect September day I have come to know how time can melt and freeze over and over again. I’ve held it in my hand, a shimmering form icy and wondrous. I’ve felt it rushing through my fingers, rivulets coursing in countless directions. I can neither slow it nor predict its pace. Mostly, I try to accept its rhythm, trusting that each shift reveals more of who she is and the pattern of where she’s been and how she has been never leave my soul.         Happy Birthday sweetest Briar.

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Camp: A Reinvention

Posted on August 5, 2015

Early this spring I saw a flyer for a STEM camp called Camp Invention. The description invited kids from kindergarten through 6th grade to participate. My heart leapt thinking that it would be something that the girls could do together, maybe the last opportunity of its kind. I signed them up and stuck the flyer on the fridge. When camp finally rolled around the edges of our patchwork schedule were frayed and worn. The Sunday before camp I hastily read the list of things to bring. Each girl needed one take apart item, which needed to be an electronic device that was not a cell phone or a camera. They also needed a bag of things for up-cycling. I banged around the house and…

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