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Hopscotch across the keyboard, heal the hurt.

Posted on November 20, 2014

Books. I love them and the different roles they’ve played in my life. Even writing these words I’m recalling the spines of books I stared at as a child; the one with dark green fabric and frayed edges, the thick brown book with the deep emboss, and the navy with gold, raised letters. I would cradle them like baby dolls as I rearranged the long shelves of books before I was even ready for the words between the covers. I simply wanted to be near them, knowing at some primal level that they were thick with treasure. I remember story books, the anticipation as I waited for mom to get to the next the page. Her fingers as familiar as my own, the sound of her licking a fingertip to…

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Outtakes that Stole My Heart

Posted on November 18, 2014

About a week ago, maybe a little longer, we did a photo shoot for work. The photographer, Rachael, caught me talking with the girls and chirped, “Ok, stop. Let’s just get a couple.” Then she called Sean over, “C’mon, this’ll be your family Christmas card.” We laughed at the time, looking at them now I am so very grateful. Self-care, family photos, just stopping to laugh, it doesn’t always happen. Thanks to Trampoline and Rachael, it did. We did. Going to let the smiles and poker faces speak for themselves.  

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A Giveaway & A Takeaway About Caring For Yourself

Posted on November 17, 2014

Hopefully you read the post I wrote the other day about getting past the awkwardness of focusing on taking care of yourself. If you are a blogger and interested in focusing on that part of your life more, this post may prove to be your lucky day as I am giving away a pass to BlogHer PRO ’14. Dani Shapiro, as she talked about how to prepare yourself for the outcomes you want to achieve on a daily basis, “It takes so little to start your day out right. We rarely do it, but we can. Little things.” For her it’s drinking her cappuccino without checking her email. A moment of reflection before the pursuit of the endless life threads that no amount of…

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Riding Out the Discomfort of the Concept of Self Care

Posted on November 15, 2014

I was sitting in a large room, very much like a sanctuary. It was fairly dark, the room already filled with 60 or 70 people. I followed three people in and walked over to the wall to get one the stacked chairs. I carried the chair to the far side of the room. I noticed no one had shoes on, I cringed as I walked quickly outside and slipped off my shoes, putting them on a shelf by rows of sandals. I hurried back to my chair. There was a man, I want to call him young, but that seems strange. He was in his twenties, I am in my forties, he was young. He had a beard and pony tail and used his…

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Collision of Duty

Posted on November 11, 2014

The girls didn’t have school today. All of last week and over the weekend, the girls excitedly talked about what they’d learned about Veterans in school and the ways in which they had honored them. I listened and hoped that the conversation wouldn’t take a dark turn. I had read of the passing of Tomas Young and I know from Briar’s chatter about the student news that they watch at school that she is familiar with ISIS. I am sure that in the ways that kids pick up little tidbits, some from lessons, others from eavesdropping, there could be real confusion about war and how it is to be against war but in support of our service people. The tough conversation never came, though…

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