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Travel Travails Triumph

Posted on November 23, 2014

If it weren’t for suspicious luggage and whispers of a bomb scare and a subsequent lockdown in the baggage claim at Orlando’s airport, I’d have written a proper post. Instead, there is this: a post with two images that capture the most important things about today—the anticipation of an adventure as seen from the window seat and then, after so many hiccups…             And a trip to the beach to do cartwheels and scream as they leapt in the surf hours after bedtime had passed.     Sometimes dwelling on the goo in between isn’t worth the time.

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Outtakes that Stole My Heart

Posted on November 18, 2014

About a week ago, maybe a little longer, we did a photo shoot for work. The photographer, Rachael, caught me talking with the girls and chirped, “Ok, stop. Let’s just get a couple.” Then she called Sean over, “C’mon, this’ll be your family Christmas card.” We laughed at the time, looking at them now I am so very grateful. Self-care, family photos, just stopping to laugh, it doesn’t always happen. Thanks to Trampoline and Rachael, it did. We did. Going to let the smiles and poker faces speak for themselves.  

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Collision of Duty

Posted on November 11, 2014

The girls didn’t have school today. All of last week and over the weekend, the girls excitedly talked about what they’d learned about Veterans in school and the ways in which they had honored them. I listened and hoped that the conversation wouldn’t take a dark turn. I had read of the passing of Tomas Young and I know from Briar’s chatter about the student news that they watch at school that she is familiar with ISIS. I am sure that in the ways that kids pick up little tidbits, some from lessons, others from eavesdropping, there could be real confusion about war and how it is to be against war but in support of our service people. The tough conversation never came, though…

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What You Don’t See

Posted on November 8, 2014

The debate over how much people let you see on their social media profiles and Facebook photo albums has been hashed and rehashed. I don’t know that I necessarily have much to add to the mix, but I wanted to share a photo. After a hearty, Saturday morning, cooked-from-scratch breakfast, we headed out on the road. Now, one might interpret from that last line, that I am haughtily boasting that I cook from scratch with each rising of the sun, using only the finest grains etcetera and screw-you-miss-pretentious-perfect-pants. That would be the wrong take away. The girls ate breakfast from scratch because there was no milk to go with the cereal in the cabinet. The apples in the crisper were looking less than appetizing with…

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Can’t Erase What You Believe

Posted on November 6, 2014

The girls’ preschool was downtown. I always told myself that it was great because if anything happened it would be so easy to get to them, what with it being so close. The irony being, for as close as it was, getting there on time for pick up was rarely easy. The drive to the school was always a non-stop thread of chatter—things they saw through the window, questions they had about what I was going to do while they were at school, what a song lyric on the radio meant. A few blocks from the school they would get quiet. There was a church on a corner that bore a larger-than-life Jesus Christ on the cross. We have never been to church with…

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