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Find Your Elixir

Posted on April 26, 2015

I was scrolling through Facebook ever so gently. Lately that space has become very toxic for me, so I try to move swiftly in order to move over things that are unpleasant in the quickest way. I saw a link from Maggie about how it is our involvement and pursuit of our own happiness that we truly find it. It made me smile. It may not be as simple as believing that you can be happy for everyone, but as I saw the sentiment in black and white on the screen, shared by someone who knows intimately the struggle with mental and emotional swings, I felt hope.   This past week I’ve been on the West Coast for a super quick, very important visit…

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The Wisdom of it Being About the Journey

Posted on September 7, 2014

  We worked over the weekend. We had thought it would be a bit of a sneak-attack getaway, but it turns out that photo shoots at watermarks, no matter how amazing the resort or how kind the staff, are challenging on little sleep with three kids. We made the most of it, but the drive home was a gauntlet—missed turns, weak bladders, construction, stopped ferries, and all sorts of other impediments…I did some snapping, the girls did some whining, Sean might’ve done some selective hearing, and then at some point we just gave up. “Another bathroom break? Sure, why not,” and then at that convenience store (beautiful, because it was in Vermont) we encountered a graduation party with a live band, so we snacked on bananas…

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Her Loving Arms

Posted on March 26, 2014

The other day I shared about our house and our marriage, the thing that has stayed with me in reflecting on those closest to me, is that we weren’t alone. There was a tree in our front yard, it bore the battle wounds of telephone poles and Adirondack storms. It was very nearly split down its center to accommodate the lines and from the nourishment the bugs infesting it gave the pileated woodpeckers that rat-a-tatted morning and night. Shade and music were abundant in its limbs, and time and again we tricked the workers into thinking the tree was not to go. “Ma’am, we’re here to manage the trees for National Grid. The one out around back and this one out front are on…

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Posted on September 3, 2012

I love clouds. The other day I posted on Facebook about how clouds remind me of my grandmother. Today we took to the lake, a last sprint into the waning light of summer. We didn’t plan, packed light, and simply went where the day took us. From the start it was beautiful. Big, billowy clouds that even through the screen of my sunglasses, pierced straight to my heart. Memories, hope, and the gentle release of knowing how little my worries and I are. The sky, with its patchwork pattern of clouds and flirty, hard-to-get sun, tagged along. We motored North, passing our usual haunts of the Narrows and the Mother Bunch, past Sabbath Day Point and Huletts Landing. We didn’t slow until we hit…

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Step for step

Posted on August 27, 2012

We just spent a week away with my family. The girls reveled in the superstarness of their Aunt Abbie. Beso, the extravagantly effeminate cocker spaniel, delighted in the spoiling he got from Grandma, Sean and I talked politics with Papa. As the days bled together the lines of worry slipped from our faces. Watching the girls romp on the beach—building fortresses, protecting them with dams, enlisting the help of other kids and looking out for each other reminded me of the good we all have inside of us. I am so grateful for having these three beautiful spirits. I am also giving thanks for all of you out there who remind me that we are never alone, no matter how dark it may seem…

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