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Image Matters

Posted on July 10, 2013

This morning I saw a link from Tracy, about hideous attacks made online toward a female athlete. It is at once hard for me to believe and completely predictable. We seem to have created an appetite in our culture for one-upping, sometimes it’s in terms of danger, but other times it’s really just about cruelty. How outrageous can an insult be? How severely can a person be drawn and quartered for their looks, sexual orientation, political views, or just their personality? I could link to an example for each, but at some point you have to stop feeding the embers. This afternoon I received an email from the Huffington Post letting me know that they were going to run my post about struggling with a lifetime…

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Feet off the ground

Posted on December 11, 2012

Saturday night Sean had a Cabin 3 gig at Davidson Brothers. Normally I would have taken the girls to the 6pm performance, which makes for a great dinner out and a chance to rush the stage. They love hearing him play and he loves having them in the audience, but we’d spent more than 3 hours at a tubing place in less than perfect weather, so the prudent thing to do seemed to be to call it a day. There was absolutely no fight at bedtime, so the kisses I planted on their foreheads happened after they’d already slipped off to dreamland. I padded downstairs to write a post about a bedtime that didn’t go as smoothly. Writing about these moments that don’t fit…

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