Hi, I’m Amanda. I’ve been writing here and there online since 2004.

My husband Sean and I have 3 daughters: Briar, Avery and Finley. I write about them here, sometimes it’s the things they do, other times it’s the things that I don’t do—guilt, wonder, mayhem, it’s all likely to surface.

I also write about my work, Trampoline. It’s an advertising and communications agency that we started when I was pregnant with Briar. You can see our work or even contact me to find out about working together. Logos, campaigns, collateral, you name it, we probably do it.

When it comes to sponsored posts, it’s a little less likely that we’ll work together. I am picky, preferring to wildly endorse brands I love simply because I love them. Hit me up if you want to give it a whirl, I don’t bite.

The truth is I write here because I love to write, the only thing that makes me love it more is when, like the great hitters in baseball, my words and your heart connect, and together we soar over the fences.

If I missed something you can ask me by shooting me an email at amanda [at] designtramp (yes, tramp. relax, it’s just a name.) [dot] com

Thank you for coming. I know it’s a big internet and you stopping here is pretty amazing.