I’m Amanda.

I own an advertising agency in upstate New York. I’ve worked in advertising and communications since 2001, before that I was a bona fide theatre geek spending 4 seasons at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

I’ve been blogging since 2004 and tweeting since 2008.

I called my blog The Wink because it is my favorite thing about a story, pitch or experience. “And then came the wink,” it’s that special something that takes a moment for ordinary to extraordinary. Life can be like that, there can be a wink, I try to use this space and my general day-to-day attitude, to celebrate the winks.

My husband Sean and I have 3 daughters: Briar, Avery and Finley. I write about them here, sometimes it’s the things they do, other times it’s the things that I don’t do—guilt, wonder, mayhem, we cover it all.

Mama Sap is a category I created when I realized I enjoy writing until tears splash the keys. It is where I’ve made connections with my readers that have lasted all these years. The thing is, I have three kids born very close in age. I could write reams on the challenges, but I think the way my words are best used is to share the things that aren’t excruciating or, how the impossibility of it all helps me see the wonder.

Other tidbits

I am tall.

Hablo español. Hace veinte años desde que vivi en España por un año, por eso, mi español no es perfecto.

Chips & salsa vs chocolate? Chips and salsa every time. Period.

Lipstick and turtlenecks have no place in my life.

I am strong.

I seem unwilling to give up swearing.

I like to drink milk from the container.

I am weak and have enemies on FB I cannot seem to unfriend.

I was born in Eugene, OR.

My first concert was a weekend-long Grateful Dead event. It was a fluke, I am not that hip.

I live 15 minutes from SPAC and have never been to a concert there.

I love riding Amtrak trains to NYC.

Going for a run or a swim can generally make me feel better.

If I missed something you can ask me by shooting me an email at amanda [at] designtramp (yes, tramp. relax, it’s just a name.) [dot] com